Solar is a No-Brainer

Huge Tax Credit

Up to 30% of purchase price.

  • 26% in 2020
  • 22% in 2021

Increased Property Values

Zillow and Forbes both agree solar homes sell for more money and much faster in Florida.

No Florida Tax on Purchase or Property

Solar is the only home improvement that doesn’t increase the overall property tax in Florida, but increases appraisel value.


Eco Friendly Construction

FL Solar prides itself on using the most eco-friendly products


The Newest Technology

FL Solar is always a step ahead on making sure you’re getting the highest quality and most innovative equipment on the market


High Quality Solar Management and Customer Service

FL Solar has years of experience and hundreds of customers that will agree to our commitment to our success is measured on overall customer satisfaction at the end of the day.

Want to Eliminate or Reduce Your Electric Bill?

Let FL Solar and its experts show you our energy savings tips by performing a free, no-obligation energy consultation in your home.

We strive to show our clients how to reduce energy waste in the home and always recommend energy efficient upgrades before determining how solar will benefit each individual homeowner.

With an honest and fair analysis we will end up saving the average homeowner more than any other company in the industry. We look forward to helping all homeowners gain energy independence while saving their hard earned money.


Why Switch to Solar?

  1. $0 out of pocket
  2. No upfront cost
  3. Reduce or eliminate the electric bill
  4. Property value increase
  5. HUGE TAX CREDIT – up to 30% of purchase
  6. Phenomenal financing options
  7. Cash Discounts
  8. No maintenence
  9. Great 25 year warranties
  10. No Florida tax on purchase or property

vs. renting forever

Client Testimonials

My wife and I had a great experience with FL Solar Innovations. The process was seamless from consultation, to financing, to installation and beyond. Jason sat with us and answered all of our questions with a “no pressure” approach, and got us moving in the right direction. We now are looking forward to all the benefits that solar brings for years to come!


“Simply the Best! 5 Stars! Jason was extremely helpful from start to finish on my solar installation. I’ve been referring friends and clients to him since my system was installed in 2015. (Service after the sale was great too. This company helped me 2 years AFTER the install when my internet connection was not communicating with my panels. They came right our and fixed it even though it was my modem). I deal with a lot of contractors in my real estate business and it’s refershing to deal with a solid company that stands behind their work. Thanks Jason F. and FL Solar Innovations!”


FL Solar Innovations is a great company and made my solar experience wonderful from the initial consultation to installation and support thereafter. Jason F. was my sales rep and primary point of contact throughout the process. Jason brought an expert level of knowledge on solar combined with excellent customer service skills. Now that my solar is fully installed I couldn’t be happier with my decision to move forward with FL Solar Innovations. I am seeing savings that greatly exceed my monthly loan payment for solar plus my prior electric bill. After putting solar on my house, I see it as a no-brainer for any Florida residence that doesn’t have tree limitations to solar on their property. I highly recommend FL Solar Innovations and Jason F. for your solar needs.


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